New Year Resolutions





Yes I know it is the 14th of January and yes it has almost been two weeks since I last posted and yes this is a peculiar time to be posting my resolutions for 2015 but oh well I’m doing it now and you cannot stop me!  Before I begin I should just let you know that I am writing this sat in the hall of my school during my mocks. Obviously I’m not doing an exam – that’d just be messed up priorities! – I am just ‘revising’.  Well I’ve done enough revision over the past months (which is why the lack of posts) and so I have about an hour to get this post written and online. I doubt I need an hour but who knows.

So I’m one of those annoying people who believe whole-heartedly in the New Year, New You thing. And as I mentioned in my previous post this year is a pretty big year for me. Lots of things in my life are going to be changing and so it’s the perfect time to change myself. So here they are:-

1. Have more fruit 

When I was younger I made it my mission to avoid all fruit and vegetables. For some reason that mission was never completed. I’m stubborn okay! Thing is I actually love fruit; since buying my new blender I have had so much more fruit than normal and it’s fantastic!

2. No red meat (for at least a year)

This one is a bit weird and I find it hard to explain why I gave it up – it’s been over a month now and I’ve not had one bite. It’s mainly to do with keeping healthy along with some other random things. I’ll spare you the details.

3. Bike / exercise / move more

Another common one here but I have my own special ways of achieving it. This may sound lazy but I’m going to start doing this later in the year: around summertime. The weather will be nicer and I’ll actually want to bike!  By focusing on eating better now it’ll be easier to exercise more later.

4.  Start learning a new language & improve my French

I adore learning languages. I think this has to do with travelling so much; I basically grew up hearing a tonne of different languages and voices. I like to think my French is pretty good but I want to become fluent – which isn’t something that I can do within a year. So I’m trying to journal in French and I’m trying to find ways to practise speaking it. I am hoping to learn two more languages now -one I’ve already studied and one entirely new- and it’s going well so far.

5. Read 25 books 

Last year I read over 25 books although I can’t quite remember the exact number. I’d like to read more than this but as I’ve got a lot of exams at the moment and in the near future I wanted to keep the number small. Also I’m trying not to buy any books until I’ve read all the ones on my shelf that I haven’t read.

And that’s pretty much it!  I’m fairly certain I can keep these going for a year and hopefully for longer.  I’d love to hear what type of resolutions you guys had? Any the same as mine? Let me know!  I thought it’d be nice to share some good memories from 2014 in pictures along with my hopes for 2015.  It really was an incredible year: it’ll be a hard one to beat.






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