It’s all the ways that we show love that feel like christmas



The lead up to Christmas was a long one; I was tremendously excited but not for the reason most people would think. I couldn’t wait to give my gifts out this year and watch the people I love most as they opened up these weird and wonderful gifts that I bought -and made- for them. I can’t say that they all went down as well as I’d hoped, ‘The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister’ was perhaps not my best idea. But overall everybody was pleased. Including myself. But the main reason I was so excited for the day and actually resulted in me waking up at 2:42am on Christmas morn was the thought of having a whole day of just being a family: exchanging gifts, cooking together, eating together, playing board  games and watching awful Christmas television. I really needed a day like that.  This Christmas is -for me at least- a very important one. I have a feeling that next year everything is going to change and honestly it terrifies me. So for one day I could push that tonne of bricks out of my mind, let it fall out into oblivion and replace it with the thrill of setting up the table and finally getting to use my napkin folding skills for good (it’s called a pinwheel if you’re interested!).

Now all everybody can think of is returning those unwanted gifts, buying for New Years parties and writing resolutions (of which mine are actually achievable for once). The wooden reindeers and twinkling stars are beginning to feel unwelcome as the magic of Christmas slips away for yet another year leaving us with cruel frosts and the expectations of diets shedding that last bit of turkey. And that’s a shame. The run-up to Christmas last for months but once the clock strikes 12 so many people are just packing away the tinsel and looking forward to the next big event. It happens every year so you’d think I would be over it by now. The end of the Christmas season is always sad. And that is only made worst by the fact some of the ‘most important exams of my life’ are coming up and will be upon me sooner than I realise. I’m just going to have to hold on to the wonderful message taught by the Muppets Ghost of Christmas present: ‘It’s all the ways that we show love that feel like christmas’

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