Laura Gets a Cat Review (The Digital Fix)

I recently reviewed the refreshing indie rom-com Laura Gets a Cat directed by Michael Ferrell for The Digital Fix (where you can find more words from me!).
Take a look and click the link for more!

” The gentle sound of lapping waves and the face of a dark-haired woman, alone in the sea, staring down the lens of the camera wistfully, are the first sights and sounds of this charming indie flick. Who is she? Why is she there? What is she doing? That simple image forces these questions into your head, questions that lie at the heart of the film and the mind of the film’s protagonist, Laura  Snow (Dana Brooke). It’s unsurprising then how often Laura finds herself by water or the ocean; it’s as capricious as she is and it’s, therefore, more than a fitting way to open this reflective rom-com… “

Overall: 8 / 10
Like the sound of it? Then keep reading here!

Have you managed to catch Laura Gets A Cat?

Let me know your thoughts on the film, and the review, in the comments! 

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