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Anybody who knows me at all will tell you that, when it comes to music, I almost solely listen to film soundtracks. My most listened to Spotify playlist is 16 hours and 41 minutes long with 324 songs from films and tv shows, ranging from Alan Menken’s classic Beauty and the Beast to Mark Mothersbaugh’s synth-heavy Thor: Ragnarok. And I can name every single one of them; title, film, and composer!

I’ve been wanting to find a way to include my love for soundtracks on my blog for a while now and finally decided on this: The Score Spotlight, a new series about my favourite songs from film soundtracks both old and new.

Today we’re starting with Brad Bird’s Incredibles 2 (You can find my review for it here!)

Diggin’ the New Digs – Michael Giacchino
(go on, give it a play!)

When it was announced that Michael Giacchino would be returning to score the Incredibles sequel I was thrilled: the score is one of the most recognisable, nostalgic and downright funky, and adds so much to the film. Incredibles 2 could never have been the same without him. So, unsurprisingly when it comes to the newly released sequel, the score is as jazzy and distinguishable as you could hope for. And then some! The style of music used throughout the soundtrack is retro in itself, bringing to mind Henry Mancini’s work on espionage-comedy films such as The Pink Panther, but it is also retro in comparison with its 14-year predecessor, with songs directly harking back to the original film.

A good example of this, and the song that takes the score spotlight, is Diggin’ the New Digs. Listening to the brasses belt out in the swing style that is closely associated with the Incredibles franchise takes you straight back to Life’s Incredible Again from the first film’s soundtrack, whilst making itself stand out at the same time. It has the feel of a big band but keeps it mellow, starting out with the sax and strings to create a lounge-bar feel before bringing the basses in stronger to give it more Incredible-like flare.
To summarise: it’s so cool, it puts Frozone to shame!

Special mention

goes to Episode 2, the song that starts it all and in the most spectacular way. A variation of the original theme accompanying the sufficiently Incredible-ised Disney and Pixar logos, the creeping orchestral build up is sure to bring you heaps of nostalgia!

What did you think of the Incredibles 2 OST?
Which song’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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