Top 10 BoJack Horseman Episodes


The time between me being recommended BoJack Horseman, the Netflix Original adult cartoon created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, and me finishing the final episode was approximately 7 days.  Evidently, I enjoyed it. A lot. Seeing as I’m a couple of years late to the party, I’m sharing my top 10 episodes!
So, in no particular order…

1. Fish Out of Water S3 Ep4

If Sofia Coppola had dabbled in animation and took her wonderful realism to the surreal places where BoJack Horseman goes, then I would imagine this episode to be the result! Taking the thematic idea of struggling to communicate and making that physical through setting it underwater is simply genius, and sets us up for a wonderful punch line.


2. BoJack Hates the Troops S1 Ep 2

This episode was the one that hooked me. Though the comedic set up isn’t especially original – with small matters spinning out of control, words being twisted, landing our hero into a lot of trouble – the episode is so funny. The character of ‘Neal the Navy SEAL seal’ alone had me laughing!

3. It’s You S3 Ep10

This episode destroyed me; what’s nicer than watching your favourite characters dealing out and dealing with some pretty hard truths. There are some great comic moments coming from another Todd-Mr Peanut Butter adventure and some really nice visual moments, especially during BoJacks crazy Oscar-party. But the ending of this episode? Ouch, what else is there to say?

4. Let’s Find Out S2 Ep8

This episode is the perfect blend of farcical situations – with the majority of the episode taking place during Mr Peanutbutter’s long-titled game show Hollywoo Stars: What Do They Know?: Do They Know Things?: Let’s Find Out! – and the building character tensions – resulting in an unexpected bonus round with BoJack and Mr Peanutbutter laying all their cards on the table. But it’s the game show itself that is pure brilliance!

5. The Shot S2 Ep9

Following on from the absurdity of Let’s Find Out this episode gets bleak. BoJack’s desire to tell the real story of Secretariat brings out a plethora of our protagonist’s repressed emotions. At the same time, Diane’s work in Cordovia brings out some snappy comedy – primarily from Sebastian St. Clair’s treatment of the children of the war-torn country: “SHUT UP CHILDREN!”

6. Escape from LA S2 Ep11

One of the reasons I love this show is the way it plays with morality and doesn’t shy away from making its characters do inexcusable things. This is especially evident in this episode. From the very beginning, I had to watch from behind my hands, wordlessly hoping I was wrong about the coming ending. I wasn’t.


7. Ruthie S4 E9

Considering how often the BoJack writers like to pull the rug from under us, leaving a poignant or shocking note to the end of their episode, the ending of this one was the punch-in-the-gut twist that really got me. I don’t want to say anymore, except that there is also some excellent punning from Princess Carolyn’s PA Judah.

8. Time’s Arrow S4 Ep11

Switching the focus to BoJack’s senile mother Beatrice this episode is truly devastating; incredible in its execution of such a difficult premise, with fantastic voice acting from Wendie Malick, and the subtle revelations of season-long mysteries. It pushes the boundaries of the show’s animation, making the stage unstable and telling you that at any moment everything could fall apart.

9. Hooray! Todd Episode! S4 Ep3

Todd is such a wonderful character and any time he get’s to stand a little closer to the spotlight is a good time. Hooray! Todd Episode! is delightful, outrageous, and yet, serious as well as silly. And I’d just like to say one more thing:

10. Stupid Piece of Sh*t S4 Ep6

The title of this episode is pretty telling for the tone of this episode; the rough style of the sketched animations brings to life the constant frenzied depressive thoughts of BoJack, providing us with an insight to the extent of BoJack’s struggle. What’s more is that in the episode’s typical farce sub-plot the show continues to develop the asexuality storyline as well as providing some light relief to the episode.


Are you a fan of the show? Which is your favourite episode?
Let me know in the comments! 

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