Tulips and Travel | Amsterdam 2016

24 / 10 / 16 – 30 / 10 / 16

It’s been a fair while since I actually took this trip to Amsterdam – the video is easily dated by my hair being a) blonde b) short c) fringe-less – but I still have vivid memories of the place despite my awful memory…

Bikes in Amsterdam

Tulip Museum Amsterdam

I remember being dumbstruck by the city’s quaint beauty, with its many canals strewn with flowers and the colourful paint covering the faces of the buildings along the streets. I remember eating some of the most delicious treats; hot chocolates and stroopwafels go as a perfect pair! I remember taking the wrong turn and ending up in a charming little neighbourhood that seemed to only sell second-hand books – many of which had various doodles scrawled in the margins. Really, I remember loving it, as every tourist does!

What I don’t, or didn’t, remember was that I made this little travel video after I came back from Amsterdam. So, when I found it in the depths of my hard drive I gave it a watch and felt nostalgic enough to share it with you guys whilst I sit here and hope to get a chance to go again.

DSC_6708Chips from De Pijp

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