Ganesha and Gold || Snapshot of Bang Khla


Bang Khla
5/1/18 – 9/1/18

The Bang Khla District, in the Chachoengsao Province, is an area of Thailand that I honestly hadn’t heard of before I went there. After a week in the busy Bangkok centre, it was quite refreshing to hop in a taxi and drive to the quieter and more rural area of Bang Khla. Not only that but, since we were there for a family wedding, it was lovely to be surrounded by so many people I hadn’t seen in far too long! It may have been a short stay, but it really was something else.




The Bang Pakong river is one of the main attractions of Bang Khla and so felt very apt as our first stop. We were treated to a boat ride where we merrily floated down, with dinner and drinks, to Phra Pikkanes where a 39 meters high Ganesha statue stands. (As seen in the first photo!) As we headed back along the river the sun started to set and the lights reflecting off the water looked so gorgeous – I don’t think I could quite capture it with my camera but what a welcome!



The next couple of days I didn’t really photograph; the day after we arrived we went to the home of the family of the bride and then the day after that was the wedding itself, which was beautiful and I feel very lucky to have been able to be there to experience it.  The next day, we visited the Bang Khla floating market, another attraction that was very high up on my to-do list! There we rented some boats to take us to Wat Pho Bang Khla (where fruit bats filled the trees and a very angry pig escaped its pen) and then to Wat Pak Nam Jolo (a magnificent gold temple)  before we headed back towards the resort; but not before stopping at Wat Saman Rattanaram Temple, a wonderful and wacky temple where you can find both what is said to be the biggest statue of a reclining Ganesha and a life-sized iron statue of Donatello the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle!
I may have known nothing about Bang Khla before I went but I can definitely say now that it was a place I doubt I’ll be forgetting for a very long time.




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