Patpong and Pocky || A Snapshot of Bangkok


Bangkok, Thailand
30/12/17  –  4/1/18

11 years ago I came to Thailand. I thought that had been my first venture in this wonderful country, but I very recently learned I came when I was 6 weeks old. So, having visited the first time when I was less than a year old and the second when I was 7, it’s fair to say that this visit will be the first I actually remember. And I hope I do, and for a very long time. A travel video will be coming sometime soon but for now here are some snaps I took during the first part of my trip.



Walking through the streets of Bangkok it’s hard not to notice the abundant aroma of all the spices hanging in the air. It’s not a new observation, not in the slightest. Food and the community spirit it’s so heavily linked with has always been one of the most famous parts of Thailand’s culture. So, we made an effort to eat as locally as possible, sharing rice dishes and smothering everything in soy sauce. And yet, surprisingly, I took no photos of any of their delicious meals. Instead, have a funky one of our resident 7-Eleven. (Honestly I don’t think we would have survived without that place for cold drinks and packets of Pocky!).



Down Khaosan Road, we ate in a bar which I have unusually vivid memories of from my last time there – most likely because of the Bubble Shooter arcade game that they used to have and which my brother and myself had high scores on. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me at the time so I couldn’t re-capture that place and how much it had changed. Although, 11 years is a long time.

The colourful shots featuring my brother were taken when we decided to head to Patpong.  But due to the nature of Patpong, I thought it best to leave the lens cap on.
And of course, we visited some temples; specifically Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn) and Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha). I didn’t take as many photos whilst we were visiting these places. Partly because it was so hot, but also because I really wanted to take it in. It may sound pretentious but those temples just radiate a sense of peace, even despite the tonnes of other tourists. And I think that that serenity was an incredible way to start my 2018.



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    • Ah, thank you so much – I’ll be posting a similar post on the second half of my trip to Thailand! If only travelling was easier (and less expensive), ey?! x

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