7 of the most Christmassy Scenes in Christmas Movies


Merry Christmas, everyone!

So the presents have been unwrapped, dinners have been eaten, and the candles are burning low as the Christmas lights twinkle in the strangely empty trees. That means one thing: Christmas day is very nearly over. Me and my family will likely now be arguing over what movie to watch to tie up this lovely, yet long, day. (Hopefully, I’ll get my way and we’ll put our feet up to Rogue One!) It seems that it’s a very common tradition to end this special day with a movie, whether it’s the latest release or a Christmas classic; so I thought it would be fitting to share seven of the most Christmassy scenes in Christmas movies to round it all off – not that I won’t be watching these all year long, yes, even The Muppet’s Christmas Carol!

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas it’s safe to say that Christmas movies are wonderfully cheery, so I hope you’ve had a wonderful day and enjoy flicking through this short and sweet post!


The Lady and the Tramp (1955)
No, this film isn’t a Christmas movie but it begins with a scene that almost everyone has hoped to re-create on Christmas morning: unboxing a pretty puppy of your very own! And what else could be hiding in those perfectly wrapped presents hiding behind Lady?


Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)
Although not specifically classified as a Christmas film this one is certainly worthy of the title; with the film opening and closing at Christmas, and scenes such as the one above, it’s a perfect fit. Terrible Christmas jumper and haphazardously slung tinsel is, perhaps sadly, an all too common Christmas sight.


The Muppets Christmas Carol (1992)
Every shot in this film, my favourite Christmas movie, is full to the brim with festive spirit. But of course, the final shot, showing family, friends, and food galore is the one that most perfectly sums up this feeling – before the family drives you mad and the potatoes get burnt in the chaos of cooking that is!


Mean Girls (2004)
Definitely not a Christmas film and I won’t try to argue that it is, however, the Jingle Bell Rock dance is iconic. Though those Father Christmas costumes aren’t the most traditional and the snow is clearly fake, you can’t help but feel the Christmas cheer!


Home Alone (1990)
This shot was suggested to me by a Home Alone superfan and I can totally see why: they could not pack any more Christmas into this if they tried! The stockings are lined up, the tree is nicely decorated, nutcrackers take the forefront, and the elfish colour palate of red and green just screams Christmas!


Love Actually (2003)
I must admit I cannot stand this film, but it is a classic, people love it, and I respect that. The single shot that feels the most festive to me, and does genuinely make me laugh every time I see it, is the children’s School Christmas Pagent featuring a traditional Nativity scene – including several lobsters, a whale, and a green frog-alien-thing.


Elf (2003)
Not only is this film full of enough Christmas quotes to last you the whole season for Instagram captions, but also it shows the pure joy that Christmas can bring, especially to children. And big kids like myself!

So there we have it! Merry Christmas!

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