A Festive Q&A (plus some wrapping)

As I mentioned in my last post (which you can watch and read here) I’ve left my Christmas shopping a little bit late – as I’m writing this it’s the 22nd of December and I’m sat on the floor of my local shopping centre, surrounded by busy Christmas shoppers, so I could finish my shopping and get this video uploaded at the same time. So, with a similar thought process, I decided to wrap a couple of presents and answer some Christmas Tag questions to share a little of my Christmas with you.

It’s weird for me to be leaving all these Christmas preparations to the last minute, I’m always the one in my family who starts buying presents and listening to Christmas songs far too early. But this year has been a bit different, this Christmas especially. Having to stay down in London until the 19th of December definitely meant that I lost out on the festivities at home: opening Christmas cards from relatives I haven’t seen in years, decorating the house with my as much holly as we can cut, and, most importantly, picking out and decorating the Christmas tree. Despite missing out on all these things I have been trying to make myself feel more in the Christmas spirit – I even put up a baby Christmas tree at my place in London! But it is nice to be home and I finally feel ready for Christmas, even if I still have presents under the tree!

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 12.25.43

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