22 / 4 / 17 || Grinshill

I am breaking my two month hiatus with this short little snapshot of my life video!

Back in April, when the weather was unnaturally beautiful for English Spring-time, my family and I decided to take the dogs to a place called Grinshill for a walk all around the nearby woods. Since dog-walking and adventuring are some of my favourite things to do I naturally picked up my camera along side the dog leads, and this is the result! It’s taken a while to edit in-between revising for my A-Levels and wanting to try out something a bit new, but I really hope you like it!

The place we walked was absolutely gorgeous, I felt as if I had been taken into (a much sunnier) Mirkwood or was back trekking in Canada!

Let me know where you’ve loved going for a walk and what you thought of the video!


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