A Catch Up || 3/5/17

Do excuse my two week absence, life has been getting busy!

I thought I’d again try something a little bit different and just have a chat with you guys about what’s been happening with me recently! The short answer is A-Levels, which have slowly been taking over my life for a while now as you might have been able to tell as it seems to be a sort of recurring theme in my videos and posts. But other than school and A-Levels I’m also talking about life in general, books, and films, so enjoy!


The things I’ve been posting recently – film reviews, theatre reviews and more ‘artsy’ videos – I’ve really enjoyed making and sharing with you all. I have another film review coming soon and a couple of book reviews that will hopefully be up in the next few weeks, which I’m oddly excited for because I haven’t posted a real book review for quite a while now! Let me know in the comments what you’ve been thinking of my latest posts, I hope you like them!


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