New Years Resolutions

Before you say anything, I know this is fairly late in the month to start talking about New Years Resolutions but better late than never right?

I have always been someone who sets resolutions for the New Year, in fact I’ve published blog posts about my resolutions for 2015 and for 2016. I find that if I tell the internet I have to hold myself to them!  And I will be doing the same today and probably for years to come.

I briefly want to look back at my resolutions for 2016 and I think, on the whole, I did quite good:

1. Read 50 books – Okay, so I didn’t manage this one. As I mentioned in the “prologue” of the video above I didn’t find myself reading very much at all in the latter half of the year, but reading is a hobby so I don’t really mind that I didn’t read loads. This also explains why there are no bookish resolutions for this year.

2. Cut down on sugary food & drink – This I did do! Overall I drank less fizzy drinks, ate less sweets, and generally cooked better food.

3. Condense my TBR pile – Despite not having read as much this year I did focus a lot on my ‘to-be-read’ pile and have condensed it a fair bit. Maybe not as much as I would’ve liked but I can continue to work on that throughout 2017.

4. Continue working on my French, Latin, and Italian – Oui, je l’ai fait! Io studio italiano a scuola anche. I feel like I should now say something in Latin but you only ever translate into English so I can’t! I have continued with my languages and I’m enjoying them so so much.

5. Cut down on meat – Well I think I can say I did this one pretty well considering I actually went vegetarian at Easter time in 2016. So you could say I cut down quite considerably!

This year I want to do a lot. 2017 feels like it has to be a good one, and for me it’ll also be a fairly important year; I’m hoping to go to University, will be moving to a big city, and will start living life the way I want to. So overall I think you can condense all my resolutions down into one main rule for 2017: be active, not passive. And I’m going to be sticking to that.




A few snaps from some of the places I went in 2016.


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