Five Fantastic Non-Fictions



noun: nonfiction


1. prose writing that is informative or factual rather than fictional.

 2 . the genre that is most like marmite; either you love it, you hate it, or you’re too scared to give it a real taste.

When it comes to non-fiction I was the one “too scared to give it a real taste” for such a long time; the only non-fiction you would see me paying any attention to would be my school text books. However (you all knew it was coming) about a year or so ago I decided I had to give it a try and it’s safe to say, when I find a non-fic book on a topic I really love, I will plough my way through it! So I wanted to share some of my favourite non-fiction books, as well as a couple that I am desperate to start reading!


1. Girl Up by Laura Bates

This is a utterly brilliant book that everybody, and I mean everybody, ought to read. It tackles all the issues surrounding what it’s like being a young woman and growing up in this mad 21st century! Laura writes with an honest and modern voice, covering everything from feminism to body image to careers! Enlightening and empowering!

2. Eat Sweat Play: How Sport Can Change Our Lives by Anna Kessel

I’ll let you take a guess at what this one is about! If you guessed sport then you would be wrong because this book addresses so much more. Anna explores women’s involvement in all aspects of sport, from journalism to professional athletes, how it has changed throughout the ages, gender stereotyping, body confidence and more! Such a fascinating read that will leave you feeling inspired.


3. Sherlock: Chronicles by Steve Tribe

Sherlock: Chronicles  is a visual guide through the production of the, at least for me, much beloved BBC show staring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. This is a great one not only for BBC Sherlock fans but also for fans of all things Sherlock Holmes and of course TV Production (which ticks all my boxes!).  Including behind-the-scenes information showing the entire production process, interviews with the cast and crew, discussion on editing and graphic design, concept art and breakdowns of key scenes throughout the first three series. What more could you ask for?!

4. Les Parisiennes: How the Women of Paris Lived, Loved, and Died Under Nazi Occupation by Anne Sebba

If you don’t know I adore France; the language, the history, the culture, the lot! And so when I was gifted this I was very happy and, although I’ve only had a brief read so far, am going to love everything about it. The title say it all really, this non-fic follows the aftermath of the Second World War by looking more closely at a number of examples from a plethora of backgrounds from Violette Morris to Coco Channel! Although there is “politics lies at its heart” the book explores being a woman in one of the most feminine cities whilst surrounded by chaos.


5. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

Now I am fairly sure you will have heard about this one and for good reason. If you don’t recognise the title then you might recognise the name: Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love! In this book (which I am only half-way through but sh…) she shares her wisdom on the topic of living creatively, talking about the nature of inspiration and finding the balance between being pragmatic and waiting for your vision of art to come!

There you have some of my favourite (and soon to be favourite) non-fiction reads! Non-fictions come in so many different shapes and sizes and cover an insurmountable range of topics, and there is something for everybody, whether you love, hate or are scared of non-fiction. Let me know what your favourite non-fics are in the comments below, I’d love some new recommendations!



2 thoughts on “Five Fantastic Non-Fictions

  1. Great recommendations Ally! I was much the same, and only really started reading non-fiction about a year ago. I have Big Magic on my shelf already and I definitely need to read Girl Up! I would recommend Girls Will Be Girls by Emer O’Toole. I read it last year and LOVED it 🙂

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    • Thank you 😊 Oh, I’ll definitely have to check out Girls Will Be Girls then (I already know from the title and from the fact you loved it that I will too!), thanks for the recommendation! X

      Liked by 1 person

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