Christmas 2016 || A Memory of the Holidays

– January 2nd 2017 –

On every turn of the year I find myself amazed at how quickly time goes by. It feels as if my Mum and I were putting up our Christmas tree only yesterday – when in fact we were just slobbing out in front of the TV, having a final full day of relaxation before having to return to the humdrum routine of college and work.

With this in mind, and seeing that Christmas and New Year are times of reflection for many, I wanted to share a little video memory of my family’s Christmas and Boxing day. Our Christmas day isn’t particularly unique; being the control-freak that I am I try to keep my family in a routine that prolongs the gift giving and so we mix up presents with eating and Skyping family and eating more and giving more until we really have to struggle to keep our eyelids lifted. Boxing day on the other hand is a bit different. There’s a mere we always go to, we take the dogs and try and get as far as possible around it. It’s always so beautiful there at this time of year, and despite the cold wind it’s one of my favourite family traditions.

Hope you enjoy the video and do you have any holiday traditions in your family?






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