Mini Monday Review #12



Cross Kill, BookShots – James Patterson


“ This doesn’t end here, Cross.

I’m coming for you, even from the grave if I have to.” 

I decided to buy Cross Kill on a whim from Walmart in Huntsville, Canada as I was intrigued by the whole concept of a BookShot; as said on the blurb BookShots are “lightning-fast stories” that are “impossible to stop reading”. Overall I found that to be true!

* * *

The plot was absolutely non-stop. The story follows Detective Alex Cross after a shooting by a criminal he had seen die over a decade ago. The chapters are incredibly short -the longest being six pages long- allowing for different events to occur quickly moving the plot along and having a different cliff-hanger every single time (which unsurprisingly got a little tedious as you went on). However what I liked most regarding the plot was how almost every other chapter focused on Cross’ partner, John Sampson, who had been injured in the shooting and you get to see his developments in hospital. The relationship between Cross and Sampson is so sweet and I really enjoyed their chapters; they often acted as a relief from the actual Case. I couldn’t stand the ending of the story though. There were way too many unanswered questions and I just didn’t really understand it. As the rest of it was quite strong I personally thought this ending let it down quite considerably.

* * *

James Patterson writes incredibly well, in such a short book you could imagine the style and settings to be pushed to the side in order to focus on the story but here there’s a wonderful balance between the two. Of course it isn’t as detailed as other lengthier books but you can still see the picture Patterson is creating quite vividly:

I stood there, too stunned to move for the moment it took for the wind to ebb and the fog to creep back, obscuring the figure, who stepped into the pine barrens and disappeared. “

The main place I found fault in Cross Kill was in the characterisation. I didn’t expect it to be incredible taking into account the length of the book and the amount of action included, so it’s forgiven! The characters mainly reacted to the plot rather than having the plot driven on by the characters. Thinking back I couldn’t tell you anything about Cross except for the facts; for example he has a wife and two children and his sister-in-law married his partner Sampson. I couldn’t tell you what made him him.

* * *

I’d recommend this book for people who are interested in starting to read Crime fiction or just fancy something quick and easy to read without lacking an interesting story.

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