Mini Monday Review #10


The Next Together by Lauren James


“I think there are no true heroes. Only people who ignore their survival instincts long enough to do something incredibly foolhardy”

I have to start by saying that I definitely have enough to say about this book to fill a full review but seeing as this was my bookclubs’ second read I thought I’d link to our discussion video here! We covered everything so beware, it’s full of spoilers!

* * *

Onto the review! I really really enjoyed this book; it’s a reincarnation romance which also includes comedy, mystery and historical fiction. Despite all these genres being incredibly different Lauren makes them work together so fabulously! This, along with the seamless transitions between the different time periods, makes this story so effective. There are a lot of incredibly emotional and swoon-worthy scenes so the humour that’s added in for some light relief is really appreciated. It’s nice to have a bit of a laugh after a war is announced in 1746 or the big secret is revealed in 1845! The writing in this book is consistently excellent and relatable.

* * *

There aren’t really a huge number of characters in this book; Katherine and Matthew are the focalisers in this story. Lauren has a really wonderful balance between continuous traits in each character and new ones. If they had been the exact same in each time period it would’ve become very tedious very quickly whereas if they were always totally different it would have been impossible to keep up! However in terms of the plot I would have liked it to differ a bit more. Each time period followed a similar plot line and it was easy to predict what was about to happen which for some isn’t necessarily a bad thing but personally I love to be really shocked. That and the fact that insta-love – which you would expect in a  reincarnation romance – is generally something that I’m not a big fan of are my only criticisms, and honestly both are really just personal preferences!

* * *

 I have to briefly mention the ending: WOW! Such a unexpected twist. Everything changes in the last few pages and there are so many questions raised that I am quite upset that I have to wait until November 2016 for the next book: The Last Beginning.


2 thoughts on “Mini Monday Review #10

  1. I bought this after reading many good reviews from other bloggers, but your review has convinced me to bump it up my TBR and read it really soon! Sounds amazing! Great review Ally 🙂
    Michelle @ The Unfinished Bookshelf

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