Bookish Boxing Day Buys

Before we start,


I hope you are all having a wonderful day; enjoying quality time with the people you love, sharing gifts and, of course,  eating lots of lovely food! Christmas has always been something I’ve loved dearly. I take such enjoyment in giving gifts, every gift has so much thought put into it and I love seeing people’s faces as they open them! But of course the day goes so quickly. So I’ve decided to give you ___ bookish recommendations for those Boxing Day Sales! Go on, treat yourself!

* * *

1. Asking For It, Louise O’Neill 




I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot about this book; it’s been winning award after award and rightly so! This harrowing YA novel following the life of Emma O’Donovan after being raped is so important and so incredibly well written. Definitely one for you shopping list!

2. Read Me Like a Book, Liz Kessler


photo 2


Firstly Liz is such a lovely person (she was kind enough to do a Q&A with me for my review which I’ll link here) and this book is a very endearing novel about Ash in her last year of college trying to deal with school, family and her own sexuality. The writing is beautiful and the characters are so relatable; it’s just wonderful to watch them all grow! And of course, how can you resist that stunning cover!

3. Nimona, Noelle Stevenson


photo 3


This graphic novel works as both a really sweet and moving introduction to graphic novels as well as a powerful and beautiful story for graphic novel enthusiasts. This is kick-butt, feminist, subtly subversive and utterly hilarious!  If you’re looking for a light read to aid you through the journeys to family in every corner of the world then this would be a perfect choice.

4. The Power and the Glory, Graham Greene


photo 4


I had to include this fantastic classic novel as it has one of the best settings I have ever read! (Full review here) The “whiskey priest” travels around a poverty stricken Southern Mexico in attempt to escape the Red Shirts whilst pursuing his own redemption and humanity. This book is honestly breath-taking and is just so different. I’d also recommend this book as a little escape from the après-Christmas blues!

5. Some funky Funko Pops! 


photo 5


I love these little guys but for almost over £10 each their sometimes hard to justify. So Boxing Day sales are the perfect excuse! You can find characters from fandom; Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and they are only some of the bookish ones! They’re so adorable and are lovely little decorations for your shelves.

6. A Court of Thorns and Roses, Sarah J. Maas 


photo 1


This book is seriously steamy! The connection between the two main characters -Feyre and Tamlin- is so adorable! This YA Novel is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast featuring faeries, curses, dangers and incredible world building! The plot is rich and perfect for fans of Disney, high-fantasy, and forbidden romances! Nothing more needs to be said!

7. Nerdy Notebooks 




Personally I’ve been trying to cut down on buying notebooks as I have a HUGE collection of beautiful (but empty) notebooks. But how am I expected to walk past all these lovely notebooks with Wonderland prints, Hogwarts crests and Game of Thrones sigils at half-price?! Notebooks are always useful of course; this year I’ll be buying one for the sole purpose of planning out blog posts!




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