Don’t Read These in the Dark!


It’s Halloween! The vampires will be on the prowl and the ghosts will be flouting about in the darkness; so if you’re planning on staying safe and hiding in your homes (which is where you’ll find me!) then here are six creepy reads to get you through the night:

Through The Woods by Emily Carroll

This graphic novel tells five different scary stories that are centred in or around the woods. Each one is told in a slightly different way but are equally eerie. Initially you might find yourself a little confused after finishing the stories but that’s the real horror of it; the ambiguity lets you fill in the blanks with your own fears and you won’t be able to stop yourself thinking about it!

* * * 

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Although this isn’t necessarily a ‘horror’ there are a lot of elements in this book that are quite horrific. Shelley writes with such detail; a lot of it is utterly beautiful but some will chill you to the bone. This well known story follows the life of Victor Frankenstein as he creates – and later hunts – his monster and by the end you’ll wonder who the real monster is.

* * * 

Hollow Pike by James Dawson

I read this book years ago but there are some bits that still haunt me now. This story about nightmares, forests and witches is bound to keep you up all night. It is written brilliantly and is so sinister and addictive. It reads with this spooky purple hue (which I think comes from it’s awesome cover) and it’s so easy to imagine yourself there in the forest with Lis.  If you’re looking for a book that will give you shocks rather than nightmares then this one’s for you.

* * * 

Jekyll’s Mirror by William Hussey

Okay now this book is scary. Strange, and scary. As a modernised re-telling of Jekyll and Hyde there are some really unexpected gruesome moments that seemingly pop out of nowhere -but are later explained- that, for somebody like me who is pretty squeamish, made me put the book down and just breath for a little bit. This is a nice short book and would be a perfect read on a Halloween eve. As long as you’re up for a good fright!

* * * 

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

This is another book that I’d recommend to people who aren’t huge horror fans. This books has such a unique story; following a mysterious family tragedy occurs, sixteen year old Jacob makes his way to Wales to uncover some ghostly secrets. One of the best and spookiest parts of this book is Riggs’ use of weird photographs. Each one ties in to the story and – here’s the creepiest bit – were merely found by Riggs at car boots and the like. Take a look at some and then proceed to freak out.

* * * 

Dracula by Bram Stoker

A halloween recommendation list is not complete without the infamous Dracula. This frightening tale of the solicitor and the vampire is a classic. It is truly terrifying but absolutely fantastic! As it was written such a long time ago it’s old-time language really transports you there into the Transylvania Castle and with such vivid descriptions you half expect to see the notorious vampire every time you take a glance from your book. Fingers-crossed that he doesn’t actually appear though!

* * * 

Let me know what your favourite books to read at Halloween time are and I hope you survive the night! Mwahahahaha!


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