Book Event: Waterstones Book Blogger Bonanza


On Saturday the 12th of September Waterstones Birmingham hosted a Book Blogger Bonanza which I attended. It was to be a fabulous and bookish evening including a panel, a Q&A, some giveaways and an opportunity to chat with other bloggers who were as passionate about books as everybody else there. It definitely exceeded my expectations and was absolutely wonderful!

* * *

As I approached the Waterstones New Street I could see a fairly large group of people waiting for the doors to open; this made me feel both happy and exceedingly frightened. The fact so many people had turned up was so nice to see but having to introduce myself and (try to) keep up a conversation to said people was…daunting. I’m not good with people! But everybody was so welcoming, the brilliant @ChelleyToy introduced me to some of the others and we got chatting about Asking For It – my current read. When the doors finally opened we headed in and @BookaholicHolly – who is beyond lovely – thankfully saved me from having to sit all on my lonesome! I knew that the fellow book nerds on Twitter and Instagram were nice but oh my goodness, they are far more than that, I feel rather guilty for not being able to “shoutout” everybody there. But you will never meet any nicer people than book bloggers, I can promise you that!

* * *

The panel was really interesting;  @leefarnell – the host – asked @ChelleyToy, @Lauren_E_James and @helloiammariam questions all about blogging and their experience with it. There were some discussion about negative reviews, how much they focus on stats and why they enjoy blogging. I definitely gained from some of the things they said, predominantly that negative reviews ARE GOOD and that book blogging is (or at least should be) for fun.

* * *

After a raffle – in which I won a copy of Dumplin’ – there was an oppertunity to pick up some books and chat. I didn’t manage to speak to that many people, mainly due to nerves. But those who I did talk to were really kind and when talking about books makes everything better. I also got a photo with the awesome @CityOfYABooks  which I had to put up, I’ve been a fan of her YouTube for such a long time and she is genuinely so nice! (I know I keep saying everybody was incredible but they really were).


Shown below are all the books and swag I obtained from the event, I ended up with fifteen books that I have to say made running for my train ridiculously difficult! I cannot wait to read a lot of these books, I was so lucky!  Overall it was just a fantastic evening and I really hope I can go to more events like this. Thanks to everybody who made it so special.



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