Mini Monday Review #2

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Third Girl by Agatha Christie


“Eh bien, then, you are crazy, or appear crazy or you think you are crazy, and possibly you may be crazy.”

What astounded me about this book was the writing style. Christie writes so simplistically but has been crafted this way specifically; it creates a wonderful sense of realism and also mystery which is of course essential in a crime novel. This mystery literally starts on the first pages – when a distraught women tells Poirot she ‘may have committed a murder’ – and continues until the very end.

* * *

The characters were a very strange bunch, many being youths who are constantly disapproved of by Poirot and his friend Ariadne. Both of these things help make a wonderful and believable setting. We’re given details to the actions, personality and dress of the younger characters from the point of view of older characters which reflects back on their own personalities. The setting itself is very interesting and clear; the 60’s era will always be one of my favourites. As for Poirot, he is absolutely wonderful! He’s a bit arrogant and very much an eccentric but he’s never implausible. I loved seeing how his mind works but never being given all the answers until the final pages.

* * *

The mystery itself was definitely an odd one. The fact that we don’t actually know what the mystery is until a fair bit into the book established a fantastic sense of puzzlement. I’d go as far to say the mystery is the mystery itself. The resolution was certainly unexpected – at least it was for me anyway. It was a little different to say the least but for a Poirot I expected nothing less!

* * *

I’d recommend this to any fans of a bit more kooky crime novel and also to people who enjoy reading about the 60’s as the setting and characters of this book are superb!


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