My journey with books…


I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a book in my hand. My parents have told me that I was always a busy child: walking at 8 months, clambering out of my cot most nights and reading as soon as I could. Before I even learnt to read I would sit with a book open in front of me and pretend to as I wanted to copy my older brother. After all the primary books which I had to get through in order to learn how to read -such as the brilliant Biff, Chip and Kipper books!-  I quickly got into the Rainbow Magic series. Between the ages of 5-7  I was utterly obsessed with fairies and these books are to blame! I have a very vivid memory of acting out these books with my old school friend in the forest near her house. I sped through the books, my Mum used to get really annoyed. She would go a couple times a week to buy me new ones! A couple of my other early favourites were The World According to Humphrey which is an absolutely adorable story about the life of a school hamster and also Midnight – which is actually the only Jacqueline Wilson book I’ve ever read!


Michael Morprugo has to be thanked for my next development in literature. I had to read Kensuke’s Kingdom at school when I was 10 and fell in love with his writing. I read all his books that were out and longed for more. I still enjoy catching up with his work and they are filled with such nostalgia now! My favourite book of his – isn’t actually in this photo – is Born To Run. This book was the first book that made me cry, anything with dogs in is likely to set me off. My obsession with fairies had expanded into a general adoration of magic, mermaids being a huge part of that. The Emily Windsnap books inspired me so much, the descriptions were just so magical. And  Ingo will always be in my heart as the mermaid book that introduced me to YA.


I remember reading the Cirque Du Freak series around the time when vampire stories were all the rage due to the popularity of Twilight. Me, being a stubborn child, didn’t want to be associated with all that “romance nonsense” (I was such a cold-hearted child!) so decided I’d go for something a bit different. They were my first real dip into the paranormal and I loved it! My friend then introduced me to the Skulduggery Pleasant Series. We were so competitive, we kept checking how much each other had read in order to stay in the lead. I got so attached to this series that I never got round to finishing the Cirque du Freak series – which I hope to do in the future! Quick mention to some other important books that I read around the same time: The Harry Potter Series. Need more be said?


When I was younger I often read just before I went to sleep. Soon after I had gotten into reading the Skulduggery Pleasant books I re-did my bedroom and was given a TV resulting in a decrease of reading time. For quite a couple of years I sort of lost touch with books, I always had one on the go but they’d take me ages to finish and I was never as invested in the plot or characters. Looking back it’s actually quite sad. However, for my 14th birthday I went to see the Mortal Instruments : City of Bones film at the cinema and I really enjoyed it. So me and my friend both decided to buy a copy of the book whilst at the airport for our holiday. Let’s just say I was waking up very early in the morning in order to read that first book in the sun. It took me about 3/4 days and I literally just fell in love with the story.  I devoured the series, I remembering going in to my local bookshop the day CoHF came out and literally refusing to do anything bar read for the rest of the week. Those are the books that got me back into reading. And I have to mention Fangirl as it is one of my favourite books of all time – it got me into YA and from it I realised that reading was a lot more than just hobby, it’s a passion.  I’ve been in love with reading all my life; these books just helped remind me of that.


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