It’s not easy but it’s worth it


It’s Easter. I’m finally on my holidays and I’m currently sat on my living room floor, listening to the Sherlock soundtrack, reclining on a Thai triangle cushion, a nice fierce fire next to me and my dog curled up at my feet,  pondering how everything has become so different so quickly. As you may have noticed I’ve not exactly been very active on my site here; this has been because of school. I know I know, it sounds like a pathetic excuse but:

1. I have been sitting ISA’s, mocks and oral exams whilst trying to balance prep and revision       2.   This is my blog so if I’m not active it’s my choice and my fault

If you’re not aware about the happenings of Easter, Easter time is known primarily for two things. For the majority of people they’ll recognise this time with chocolate eggs and easter bunnies whilst the unlucky ones -such as myself, my brother and other people our ages – associate this wonderful spring time with revision and work. But it’s for the greater good right? I guess that’s what we have to keep telling ourselves. How else can we keep motivated, keep our heads down and keep completing past papers? Personally I am extremely over-ambitious and set myself rather high standards which constantly keeps me striving to ‘better myself’. Though you will occasionally find me lying on my bed at six in the evening completely drained of all life groaning “I NEED A CUP OF TEA”.

Dream big and work hard!

I don’t know exactly what I’m trying to say in this post. I guess it’s just this; for people my ages going through the same thing remember that you’re only going to get out what you put in, don’t waste this time as it’s all we really have left until we’re sat in our school halls being presented with our real papers. Even if you only do a little but of work everyday you’re doing something and who knows, maybe that hour you spent reading through your maths book will get you that one mark which you needed to get that A. And for people who aren’t experiencing this or already have please just be considerate. Be positive. Be useful to anybody you can be it your older sibling, your daughter, niece or friend.

It’s not easy but it’s worth it

I doubt I’m going to be that active on here for a while. But I’ll be back. I’ll be better.  I’m going to strive to get a post up at least once every two weeks, hopefully one a week but maybe it’ll have to be one a month. We’ll see.

Let me know if you’re preparing for your GCSE’s at the moment and how you’re coping. Also leave me a comment if you would be interested in reading about the ways I revise.

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14 thoughts on “It’s not easy but it’s worth it

    • Same, I start the exams off with two french exams and two biology exams all on the first day! Talk about a bad start! x


      • At least you’re getting it out of the way then! Thankfully biology and french are some of my best subjects x


      • Haha that wouldn’t be the word I would use! And I’m sure you’ll be fine, just prepare, stay calm and -as cliché as it is- just try your hardest x


      • It’s just worrying when we get mock tests back so close to the exams! I haven’t been very happy with my biology results :/ I feel like even though a levels are more important I still want good gcse grades! X


      • I totally agree. Have you spoken to your biology teacher about your worries? Honestly they’re the best people to talk to because no matter how mean they may seem they want you to do well and will worry for you. x


      • Ah, I went through this with one of my teachers. Is there only one biology teacher at your school? x


      • No there’s a few, they are who I do after school revision with, I’ve been given the syllabus it’s just hard when it’s so close! And especially as I want to pursue science in my career x


      • Oh okay, well make sure they know you’re worried, they might be able to offer you one-to-one help and advise. Try using online sites like Crash Course Biology which I found really helpful. If you’re really worrying talk to your parents as they might know other ways to help -such as tutors. If you ever need a chat or advice just message me on twitter or email and I’ll be happy to try to help in any way xx


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