Red Velvet White Choc Cookies || Mundane Sunday


‘Life is better with fresh baked cookies’

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I don’t know why but on Sundays when I’m tired and can’t really gather up enough energy to do anything I find myself baking. I’ve always been a baker at heart; I put it down to my Nanna being a baker herself and never failing to bake me a chocolate sponge when she visits. I like to experiment and create I guess. I find it quite relaxing and ,of course, satisfying to see the final results. Especially on a Sunday, a day when everybody’s feeling a bit tired and peckish. And as you might have guessed it’s happened again! This time I thought I’d try out a cookie recipe I came across on Pintrest – but with my own little twist.

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You’re going to need:

~ 200g Plain flour

~ 1tsp of baking soda

~ 20g white chocolate powder (I used white hot chocolate powder)

~ 115g softened butter

~ 50g caster sugar

~150g light brown sugar

~1 egg

~ 1 tbsp of milk

~ Vanilla extract ( however much you like, I use a lot!)

~ Red food colouring or pressed juice from berries

~ 12 squares of white chocolate chopped up

DSC_3667 DSC_3682

With an electric mixer beat the butter until creamy. Then mix in the sugars until fully combined. Beat in the egg with the milk and vanilla extract before adding the food colouring; add however much you like depending on the darkness of the colour you want however take into account that it will leave a slight taste.

Fold in the dry ingredients -flour, chocolate powder and baking soda- and the white chocolate pieces. I found this mixture really tough and it was quite hard to mix however don’t add anymore milk just tough it out! Work those arms!

Cover the mixture with foil and place it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Yes, this was the first time doing this for me too but trust me it works a treat. Preheat the oven whilst you wait at 180’c. So after 30 minutes scoop the mixture into balls and place on a baking sheet covered tray: I fit nine large ones on mine.  Bake for 15 minutes – take them out and let them cool.


Waiting for a cookie


I realize it’s hard to let them cool as warm cookies are probably one of the nicest things to eat! I served mine to my family with a scoop of honeycomb ice cream and was greeted with smiles and sighs of enjoyment. This recipe is damn good – though I say so myself!

If you try it out please tag me on twitter or instagram as I’d love to know what you lot think. Oh and just a little note, they taste even nicer with a cup of tea!





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